1 Wedding, 2 Dresses

August 29th, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Once you get engaged it’s a no brainer to go look for your perfect dress. But what if that perfect dress is 2 different dresses? Is it okay to have 2 wedding dresses for your big day? Is it affordable to even do so? There are both pros and cons to having 2 dresses for your special occasion rather than the traditional 1 dress. 


If you’re someone who enjoys variety and can’t decide between 2 perfect dresses, maybe you’re meant to have 2. But don’t let indecisiveness make you choose both if you’re not completely in love with both of them. If you love both, and can afford both, there should be no reason not to get them. With having 2 dresses, you’re not compromising on the style you want most. It can also be a showstopper when you walk into your reception with a new dress on! However, one of the biggest benefits of getting a 2nd dress is to get one that’s easy to move in for your reception. That way you can dance the night away without others stepping on your dress and ruining it. Especially if you plan on keeping your dress for years to come.


Although it may be very appealing to have 2 dresses, sometimes it isn’t feasible. The budget alone is a huge deal. If only 1 dress fits into this budget, then find that 1 perfect dress. You really will only wear it once anyway. With 2 dresses, you would only wear each dress for a half a day. Really not very long. If you decide on a 2nd dress, when, where, and how would you get changed? There may be a bathroom or a bridal suite to change, but with so much going on and a tight timeline, it may be difficult to accomplish. If looking for a 2nd dress because you always dreamed of a 2nd dress becomes stressful, maybe consider only having 1 dress. 

As convincing as some of these pros and cons are, only you can decide what will work best for your big day. Whether that be 1 or 2 dresses, your big day will be absolutely stunning! Don’t let it stress you out. Just keep these in mind when you start looking for that perfect dress (or dresses).

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