A Guide to Normal Bridal Shower Games (That Aren't Cringeworthy)

December 26th, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Every Bridal Shower you attend typically has games. Sometimes those games can be strange and frankly, just not very fun. Luckily, we have a list of a few games to help boost your Bridal Shower to the next level and are definitely not cringeworthy. Some brides prefer the games that are considered more normal, will not embarrass them, and are fun to play. Here are a few to consider for a shower you’re planning, or for your own shower!

  • Bridal Bingo

  • Guess the Dress! - Guests draw what they think the Bride’s dress looks like

  • Guess the Amount of Kisses in the Jar

  • Purse Scavenger Hunt

  • Recipe Cards - Guests bring their recipe cards for the couple

  • Where Are They? - Guess the location in the picture of the couple

  • Custom Couple Crossword Puzzle

  • Name That Tune - Guess the song being played that has the word “Love” in it

  • How Well Do You Know the Bride? - Guess her preferences between 2 options, whoever gets the most right, wins!

Although this list is not huge, it does include many games that are not awkward and do not require too much pre-planning. These games are simple and fun. You definitely do not have to play all of them either, just pick a few and run with it! Do also note that if you go with the recipe cards, you’ll want to note that in the Bridal Shower invites! Happy Shower and happy planning!

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