A Step by Step Guide on Planning Your Next Corporate Gathering

October 31st, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Corporate

Planning a corporate event isn’t always an easy task. But with this step by step guide, you should be able to plan it with ease! Take a seat, get a notepad and pen or pencil, and get ready to plan your next corporate gathering!

Step 1: Event Type

Decide what type of event gathering you’ll plan. Are you planning a luncheon? A retreat? Just a small few hour meeting? What you decide to plan matters. Once you decide what type of event you want to have, move onto step 2.

Step 2: Event Goals, Objectives, and Budgeting

What do you plan to get out of this event? Ideas for the next launch? A stronger team bond? Figure out what the ultimate goals and objectives are so you can better plan the remainder of your event. Don’t forget to also decide on a budget for your event. This is a big part of planning. Make sure to include key items in the budget such as the venue, food, beverages, possibly even transportation, etc. Once your goals and objectives are clear, and you have a budget planned out and approved, continue to step 3!

Step 3: Date

Now you have to decide on a date. This is where the prior steps come in. If you decided to plan a luncheon, it would be a one day ordeal. But if you decided on perhaps a three day retreat, you’ll have to plan 3 consecutive days out. Be sure you have an idea of what the calendars of those you’re inviting looks like. That may help decide on the exact dates you pick. If you have too many calendars to check, maybe settle for looking at the calendars solely of the more key players. After you have the date picked out, and ensure you have a backup date just in case, move onto step 4.

Step 4: Location

Now that you have a date and a backup date in mind, begin researching different locations and venues you may want to have your gathering at. Be sure you check capacities, pricing against your budget, amenities they offer, if they have your ideal dates or backup dates available to reserve, and what is all included in the rental price. Ensure you compare the locations and venues against each other and figure out which is best for your particular group. When you find a place, be sure to reserve it as soon as possible. Then you can move onto step 5!

Step 5: Timeline Creation

Now you have all the essentials planned out. All you have to do is get a timeline together. What time people can arrive at the location. Time for food, or speakers, or whatever the event is planned around. Decide on a timeline and make sure you send copies of it to the key players to ensure everyone is on board and on time. Then you have one final step to go!

Step 6: RSVP/Invites

Finally on to the final step of your corporate event planning. Once all the details are together and the timeline is set, you have to send invites out to those you want to attend. Ensure you have them RSVP so you have a good final count for the location and food count. Be sure to have the invites include an “RSVP by” date on it to be sure you get the count in on time for your event. 

Now that you’ve gone through all the steps, you should be ready to go and execute your next corporate gathering. It may not be an easy feat, but with a guide, you can feel confident you’ll create a successful event. 

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