Best Day of the Week to Host a Corporate Event

August 22nd, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Corporate

Deciding which day of the week to host your next corporate event can be tough for many reasons. Balancing everyone’s schedules, figuring when your guests will be most engaged, finding the perfect venue, and more. Keep in mind that the best dates might not be what you think. 


Tuesday is the top choice for hosting the ideal corporate event. Why? Monday is when everyone is trying to catch up and start the work week. Adding extra time to attend an event right after their relaxing weekend off is very off-putting. Realistically, they won’t be as engaged in the event as you would like them to be. Whereas on Tuesday, we’re already established in our work week having worked a day already. We’re also more awake, and engaged in what we’re doing. It’s the perfect day to host an event. Being during the week rather than a weekend, it’s also likely to be much cheaper to rent the venue space, and you’re more likely to get the caterer of your choice. 


Right alongside Tuesday, is Thursday. Thursday is ideal for similar reasons. It isn’t disrupting the beginning, middle, or end of your week. But it also isn’t taking up your relaxing weekend time. It’s a great day to be engaged in work events, as it isn’t too close to the weekend (nobody should be sitting there counting the time), and it isn’t the beginning of the week, where guests may be half asleep from their weekend still. Along with Tuesday being cheaper, Thursday is quite the same! Booking a Thursday should also get you a cheaper rate at a venue than if you booked on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (since these are typically booked for weddings). 

While planning your next corporate event, keep Tuesday and Thursday in mind. Cheaper venue rentals, more engaged guests, and a much better choice of caterer. With all this in mind, you might just find the dates you’re looking for.

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