Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas

January 23rd, 2024

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Congratulations! You’re engaged! One of the first big steps after getting engaged and picking a date and location, is figuring out your bridal party. Narrow it down to those you can’t imagine not standing by your side on this special occasion. Don’t feel obligated to ask certain people if you don’t want them in your party. Even if you were in their party, does not mean they have to be in yours. 

With that narrowed down, you will have to figure out a good way to ask them. Typically, the bride will gift their party with some fun items and ask them that way. But where to start can be hard to figure out. So we accumulated some fun bridal party proposal ideas that you can gift to your dream team! 

  • Gift them matching glasses of some sort - water bottles, wine glasses, etc.

  • Self care package - scrunchies, face masks, lotion, nail polish, etc. 

  • Matching clothes - shirts with their names on it, or team bride shirts, maybe robes or pajamas for the getting ready part of the wedding

  • Drink items - shot glass, liquor, customized bottle opener, etc.

Regardless of what you get them, be sure you try to give it to them in person. Not just send it out in the mail. It’s not as personable that way, and doing it in person is the best way to get a quick response for them to say “YES” to being in your party. Again, congratulations on your engagement, and hopefully you can find the perfect gifts for your dream team!

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