Destination Bachelorette Party Planning: Tips & Tricks

January 30th, 2024

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Congratulations! Your best friend or even your sibling, is getting married! Now you have to start planning the best bachelorette party you can. Planning one at a destination can be intimidating, but is a great choice to get away with the crew and enjoy yourselves for a stress free vacation. What better time than now. Here are our tips and tricks on how to plan a destination bachelorette party you will all love!

Choose a destination. Of course this has to be first. You can’t book anything until you know where you're going. Whether the bride has mentioned or dropped hints on a place she’s been dying to go, or you just know your bff that well, you have to start by choosing a spot. Once you know where you want to host the party, make a budget. A budget is necessary in order to find accommodations and excursions that are affordable to everyone who has to pay. Be sure to calculate lodging, food, activities, etc. Don’t leave any piece out. All of it is important. 

Book accommodations. You need a place to stay. Whether it’s a hotel, campsite, airbnb, check them all out and compare prices against your budget. Once booked, be sure to figure out travel. If you have to fly there, look at ticket prices, if you’re driving, check time and gas prices. Which leads to the next piece. Time! Ensure you get a timeline together of the dates to be gone, which days are travel days, which days you have activities planned, etc. 

One of the most important pieces as the best friend planning this party, is to make sure you have fun too. Give some responsibilities to some of the other friends in the party if you have to. Spreading it across everyone may relieve some stress and could allow the others to feel even more excited having been involved in the planning. It could really be a win for all! But of course when you are wrapping up planning the destination bachelorette party, never forget the swag. Each party member should receive something. A bag, sunglasses, tshirt, anything really. Something just to show your gratitude. 

Hopefully these tips and tricks can get you going on where to start and what not to forget when planning this out for your bestie! Good luck on planning and hopefully it;s a massive success!

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