DJ vs. Band: What's Best for Your Next Event?

August 8th, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: General

Every event can benefit from some quality background music. Whether that be a DJ or a band, a silent event can be a boring event. Especially during a portion where your guests are socializing with one another. Depending on what your event is, should you opt for a DJ, or should you book a live band? What can one do that the other can’t? Which one fits your theme and budget? 


Getting a DJ can be a cheaper option if you are looking for a more cost effective route. This way, you can also have them play any songs you want. There is typically no set playlist. This could be a good way to get your guests more engaged in the music with the ability to cater to all music tastes. Oftentimes DJ’s also have lighting packages that can be a good deal to have both the ambiance and music you want in one. Though with typically only one person manning the DJ station, it may sometimes be more difficult to engage the whole room. Keep in mind and be sure to ask, how many people they plan to staff your event with.


Having a band at your event can be great. Albeit a likely more expensive option. The average cost of having a band at your event can vary pending on the size of the band, if they have to travel to get to you, and whether they have a flat rate or hourly. However, bands can be a fantastic option if you want to create a more energized atmosphere and have that WOW factor at your event. Even if someone isn’t a big dancer, a band is a great entertainment piece to keep your guests from going home early. 

Whether you decide on a DJ or a live band for your event day, either of them are great options. It all depends on if you want a cheaper option with great perks, or you want that energized WOW factor that entices your guests to stick around a little longer. If budget is no factor, but you still can’t decide, consider having both options. You can never go wrong with good music!

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