How to Pick Your Wedding Color Palette

October 3rd, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

With the endless array of colors out there, it may seem quite impossible to decide what you want to do for your wedding color palette. However, there is a slight rule of thumb in choosing the right colors for your big day. Use that and you should have no problem figuring out what colors best suit your wedding theme and style. 


The first big rule of thumb in helping decide, is noticing what season you plan to get married in. Every season usually has their own color palette, and it bleeds into weddings just the same. For example, Fall weddings typically move towards the more terracotta, rust colors, or even olive green. The colors just feel like that season. Whereas Spring tends to be weddings with brighter and softer colors. Similar to the flowers beginning to bloom for the year.Such as a light blue and bright pink combo. So look into the season you plan to get married in and find what colors match that. 

Trending Now

After looking into the season, look at what’s currently trending. If being trendy and following what’s popular at any given time is important to you, consider some of those colors. However, if being more unique and different is more important, then perhaps consider omitting those colors and picking something outside of that realm. 

Other Tips & Tricks

Typically there are a few rules to consider when picking out your wedding color scheme. Whether you decide to follow them at all is of course always up to you and your partner. However, in order to have what you pick be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, it is recommended you follow these few simple guidelines. Guideline one is to pick no more than 3 colors. Other than the obvious white of course. Too many colors can look less appealing. Guideline two is to pick colors that are opposing each other to make it pop! For example, orange and sky blue. A cool tone and a warm tone together. Guideline three is to otherwise pick colors that are neighboring each other. Seemingly opposing or close neighboring colors oftentimes are the way to go. They work well with each other and allow your wedding to look well planned and beautiful. 

Deciding on what color palette to pick for your special day can be overwhelming with so many to choose from. But if you keep these tips and tricks and other thoughts in mind when deciding, you should have no problem. Ultimately the color choice is up to you, but remember to look at the big picture and ensure it all looks cohesive. Happy planning!

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