Inviting Children to Your Wedding

March 5th, 2024

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

When planning out your guest list, you may begin thinking about whether or not to include children. If you're unsure, it can be a tough battle deciding. There certainly are both pro’s and con’s to inviting them. But whatever you decide, be sure to make it known to your guests. That way, they have time to plan ahead. 

The Ceremony

Children are more likely to be at your ceremony if they are invited at all. If you plan to have a flower girl or a ring bearer, this is where they come into play the most. Of course, if you don’t want either of those, you may not want children there at all. A ceremony is usually the quietest portion of the day. Where you say your vows, walk down the aisle, exchange rings, and officially become one with your future spouse. If there are young children crying, screaming, or throwing things around in the background, it might not be the day you had envisioned. Then again, if you have your own children, or nieces or nephews really close to you, you may want them there. 

Keep in mind that you can do whatever you want. It’s your day. You’re welcome to invite only those nieces or nephews, but no other children. Or you can even set an age limit for your wedding, such as only 18 or older. Or even 12 or older. That way, you have better behaved and more predictable children there if that’s your ultimate goal. 

The Reception

The reception is much more likely to not have children if you plan on not inviting them. Or inviting them to only a portion of the day. If they are invited to the ceremony and not the reception, this gives the parents of those children the chance to drop them off at home or with a babysitter while cocktail hour is going on. 

While debating if you intend to invite children to the reception, consider the guest count. How many guests would you have if you invited everyone including the children? Then figure how many you would have with no children. Look at the numbers and decide if you want to have a wedding of either of those sizes more than the other. Then look at your food choices. Are any good for those picky eaters? Would you have to order separate food for the kids if you invite them? How much extra would that cost? 

If you have the extra room for the kids to come to the reception, consider where you would seat them. With their parents, or would you set up a full childrens table? Do note that if they are going to be there, you should absolutely have something to keep them occupied. Especially during speeches. Whether that is a coloring book, or a small game. 

Overall, keep in consideration during your planning the above thoughts. Children can be a tricky topic with some parents, and you want to be sure they know as soon as possible if they can bring them or should look for a sitter. So be firm on your ideals whether you want them there or not.

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