Kalamazoo, MI - A Premier Wedding Destination

March 19th, 2024

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Are you and your fiance looking for a destination wedding, or just a great location? A place that’s fun and inviting and is beautifully photogenic? When you think of all of those things, you probably don’t always think of all the options available to you. Maybe you only assume the obvious choices. But have you ever considered Kalamazoo, MI? It’s a small city located in the heart of Southwest Michigan. Not too far from one of Michigan’s greatest lakes. It’s not too busy, but not too small town feeling either, with gorgeous areas to take photos for your wedding. 

Kalamazoo, MI is a great wedding destination. Whether you want to be married in the heart of the city, or just hold your reception there. It’s close to Lake Michigan too, so you can not only get photos downtown, but also by the water. It’s the best of both worlds! 

When considering your options, keep in mind the food as well. Catering is also a huge part of the wedding. If there isn’t good food available, maybe it’s not the ideal location. Kalamazoo has a vast amount of fantastic caterers! From Kitchen & Kegs Catering, to Millennium Catering, and more! They’re professional, provide amazing service, and have even better food! On top of that, they also can provide bar services as well. Another thing to keep in mind, the bar services and options. 

All in all, Kalamazoo offers that downtown feel, but small enough to be cozy and exciting! Close proximity to Lake Michigan for post ceremony photos if desired. Also could be wonderful for sunset pictures too! And of course, some of the best caterers and vendors around! If you don’t take the time to consider Kalamazoo, MI, you’re missing out!

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