Pros and Cons of a Weekday Wedding

November 14th, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Now that you’ve gotten engaged, it’s time to start planning the wedding! The first thing to do is typically secure a date and venue right away. These can book up fast! The sooner you get a date locked in, the better. Most weddings tend to be on a weekend, Friday-Sunday. But occasionally, they happen to pop up on a weekday. There can be some great benefits and also some cons to having it on a weekday. Primarily related to cost and availability. 

Cost $$$

Having a weekday wedding can save you a lot of money. Venues, food, and other vendors usually have great deals during the week as the weekend is more popular. So not only are you able to save money on vendors, but you can use that towards your honeymoon, a house, or anything else you are saving up for. I would say this is the biggest pro of the weekday wedding. 


Vendors are often much more flexible and available during the week. That extends to venues as well. So you can much more easily obtain and secure the vendors of your dreams during the week. If you are planning a short engagement, this is also incredibly helpful. As many vendors book up years in advance. However, though vendors are more available, that does not usually extend to your guests. Having a weekday wedding can be difficult for family and friends with their work schedules and other commitments to work around. Perhaps with enough notice, they can make it work, but during the work week, it may make for a short stay. 

Overall, a weekday wedding definitely has some great pros, but some not so great cons. You can save a lot of money, get the vendors you’ve always wanted, but you may not get all the guests you want to attend either. With a shorter guest list, can also come even more savings, but it can be a give or take. It all depends on your priorities and how you’d like your day to go. 

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