Spring 2024 Wedding Ideas - Colors & Trends

March 26th, 2024

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming 2024 Spring wedding! New season, new color palettes, and of course, new trends! Spring of 2023 was full of soft pastels, and neutral tones to complement. Such as baby pink, dusty rose, dusty blues, and lavenders. Then Fall 2023 came along and it was all vibrant, bold, and fun colors. All the yellows, turquoise, bright pinks, and more! Not to say that these aren’t great color palettes now as well. But if you are looking to keep those color trends in the rearview mirror and look ahead to the future, we have a sneak peek into what Spring 2024 weddings will look like! And let us at The Desenberg tell you, we are NOT disappointed in what we see coming! 


Spring 2023 is coming, and it’s coming in quick! Luckily, the latest trends are relatively simplistic. So if you’re falling behind on your planning, you shouldn’t have any problems getting on this trend. After all those bold and vibrant colors from the latter end of 2023, we’re now seeing lots of neutrals coming to Spring 2024. Along with those neutrals are some touches of bright colors as well. But rather than being big and bold, the colors are bright and intentional. A few examples of those bright colors are peach, coral, and lilac. Keeping in mind that these are not pastels, but bright versions of their respective colors to add a pop of fun and excitement. 


As previously mentioned, the Spring 2024 wedding trend encapsulates intentionality. Keeping that in mind, the decor trends are to be deliberate and intentional as well. But certainly not overwhelming. Industry professionals are hearing requests from brides and grooms that are exactly that. Intentional. One of the more major decor trends are pieces that hang from the ceiling. Whether that’s over the dance floor or the head table. Often, these hanging pieces are flowers or light fixtures of some sort. Some even being chandeliers! The other huge decor trend coming up is the use of non-floral decor. This can be for tables, seating chart signs, guest book tables, you name it! If you’ve looked around and ever seen people decorating with fruits or vegetables instead of or in accompaniment with flowers, it’s not just a designer making that up just to show something unique. It’s a real trend and it’s catching quickly! 

Overall, with the rising 2024 Spring wedding trends, consider being intentional with what you place and where. Also consider adding a statement piece either above your dance floor or head table. Which can be any sort of artistic piece you feel works well with your theme! If you’re unsure, a wedding designer might be a good person to ask. Look at neutral tones, but add in some bright colors for that extra pop. Enjoy your planning and look to the future with these up and coming trends!

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