Unique Guest Book Ideas

November 28th, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Though a classic wedding is timeless and beautiful, imagine a wedding that is truly unique and continues to amaze and shine through the most well thought out details. Those are the weddings the guests are more likely to remember years down the road. From the decor, to the florals, all the way down to the guest book. A timeless classic book is great, but consider the possibilities of having something more unique. Below is a list of a few alternatives to a traditional guest book:

  • Signing a picture frame that will hold a wedding photo

  • Signing a globe if you’re an avid traveler

  • Sign a record of your favorite song as a couple

  • Sign individual puzzle pieces that make up a picture of something special to you as a couple

  • Wedding audio voicemails on an old phone

  • Signing a ski if you’re avid skiers

  • Signing corks if you’re wine lovers

  • Photo guest book using a polaroid camera

Although these are not many ideas, there are so many more out there. Be creative, and find that special something you and your partner have in common and showcase that. The above list is simply a starting point for creativity and to provoke further thoughts. Once you find that special guest book idea that will be unique, it will certainly enhance your wedding day and be a wonderful memory to share years down the road.

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