Veil or No Veil? And Some Veil Alternatives

October 17th, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

When planning out your wedding day, one question many brides face is whether to wear a veil or not. There are definite pros and cons to wearing one and not wearing one. Though these days, veils have become much more affordable, so it could be a good option. But if a veil just isn’t for you, then there are plenty of alternative options too. 

Veil Pros

Wearing a veil is seemingly a wedding tradition. It has been around for many many years and is still prevalent today! Wedding veils can make beautiful photos and as long as you have a great photographer, there are many uses for it. If you pick a dress that needs a little something extra, a veil can be perfect for that. If you’re looking to add a bit of extra sparkle, get a veil that conveys that. Having a veil can also be a great family tradition. If a family member had worn a veil to their wedding, you could easily wear theirs and give it a 2nd life. 

Veil Cons

Some veils may cover up your dress. If you have a beautiful back and don't want it to be covered, maybe a veil isn’t the right option. Most brides only tend to wear a veil for the ceremony. Once it’s over, the veil can be put away. Maybe you don’t want to buy one for such a short amount of time. If you wear a veil, you would have to have a professional put it in. If you don’t, you might have it falling out, ruining your hair, or getting caught on something. It might not look good if it’s put in wrong. Though some brides also find a veil to be outdated and simply don’t like them. If that’s the case, we have some alternative ideas. 

Veil Alternatives

If you’re a bride who feels that a wedding veil just isn’t for you, or you don’t see it being a part of your big day and want to know what you can do instead, we got you covered. Check out this list of wedding veil alternatives:

  • Bridal Headpieces (crystal, rhinestone, pearl, etc.)

  • Flowers

  • Bridal Headband

  • Birdcage Headpiece

  • A Tiara

  • A Hat

  • A Hair Bow

Whether or not you decide to wear a veil, as long as it fits your perfect vision, that’s all that matters. If you aren’t sure you want a veil, be sure to check out the alternatives and maybe you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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