Wedding Shoes... Sneakers, Flats, or Heels?

December 19th, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

When deciding on what shoes to wear for your wedding day, you should always figure out what your priorities are. Is it comfort? Style? Color? Just to name a few. But of course, be sure to find your dress before even looking for shoes. The dress is a big statement, the shoes can come after. The shoes should simply be there to help compliment the dress you choose. 

After having a dress picked out, consider what length it is. Some dresses may completely cover the shoes. If shorter, then perhaps you’ll want to think of shoes that are a little more exciting. But if the dress is covering your shoes, and you plan to go for comfort, there is no reason not to consider having flats or sneakers. Especially if nobody will see them anyway. 

If you are looking to have heels for your wedding day, consider the height of the heels. Think how often you wear certain heel heights. But especially consider how long you’ll be on your feet and your comfort. Try not to be too extreme when picking out a height for your heels, as you may regret it down the line. Also think about your typical style. Do you normally wear super high heels? If so, maybe that’s for you. Do you normally wear sneakers and would be more comfortable in those? Then maybe you’d want to consider that option. 

All in all, wedding shoes can differ greatly depending on the person. Though always be sure to consider your level of comfort. It’s your special day and you should enjoy every part of it, even your shoes!

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