Who Gets a +1?

November 21st, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

When planning out your wedding, one of the most difficult parts is the guest list. Ensure you go through immediate family first, then extended family, and then onto friends. If of course you plan to invite those groups of people. Then you also have to consider who on the guest list should receive a plus one on the invitation. That can be tricky, as most guests usually feel entitled to an extra invite. Whether you want them to bring anyone extra or not. 

Starting with the most obvious. But married couples definitely need a plus one in order to bring their spouse. Though really, you should have both of their names on the invite to be sent out anyway. Not as a “plus one”. Especially considering they are married. Same rule goes to those who are engaged. Both names should be addressed on the invite already. Not in the form of a “plus one”. But again, married couples and engaged couples should always be allowed to bring their significant other. 

The next group of people to consider is those in long term relationships. How you define that is typically up to you, but assume at least a year as a good rule of thumb if you’re not sure. These couples should be given a plus one on the invitations. No need to address the name of their partner, a plus one will do just fine in this case. If you have met and know who their partner is, even better yet.

Your bridal party. Those who will be standing up for you and supporting you throughout the entire day and well before the wedding while preparations are happening, they must receive a plus one. Even if they are single, you have to offer a plus one. Offering a plus one to your bridal party is looked at as a gift for all their support. 

The final group to consider are your single guests who are not in the bridal party. These guests do not necessarily need a plus one. Feel free not to offer one. However, if it is a guest who doesn’t know anyone other than the bride and/or groom, then you may want to consider offering them one. Though you do not need to feel obligated to do so. If you happen to have a budget that will allow you to offer everyone a plus one, you can do so if you’re comfortable with that. If you have a tighter budget and need to make the guest list as small as possible, definitely do not add any plus ones for those who are single or are in newer relationships. 

Overall, making up the guest list is a long and tedious process. Adding in the factors of plus ones can make it even more difficult. Try to use the wedding guest list plus one rule of thumb and you should have a good start on figuring out who to invite, and who not to invite. 

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