Why Have a Wedding Hashtag?

August 1st, 2023

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Why create a wedding hashtag? Why would you want to add one more thing to the long to-do list before the big day? A wedding hashtag might sound pointless at first, but there are some surprising benefits to creating one! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you may want to create a wedding hashtag for your big day:

Curate Photos

One of the biggest reasons why you and your partner might create a wedding hashtag is to curate photos of your wedding day. All of your friends and family will certainly be posting on social media about your wedding day, and it can be difficult to track down and document each photo, video, story, or whatever else might get posted. Creating a wedding hashtag will help you sort through these posts and keep them in a safe place on social media. With your hashtag, you can explore all of the photos and videos of your wedding day without having to search for each post individually. This can come in handy once it’s all said and done and you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding each photo separately.

Document your Journey

Another reason why you might create a wedding hashtag is to document your own journey of engagement. If you create your hashtag to go along with an engagement post, each wedding-related post you create afterwards can have the same hashtag. Then, once you’ve gotten married you can have an easy way of going back in time to relive your amazing engagement experience!

Generate Excitement

Of course, you might also create a wedding hashtag to generate excitement about your wedding day! If you, your friends, and your family begin to use this hashtag during the time leading up to your wedding, it could absolutely create extra excitement and anticipation for the big day. Everyone would be much more enthused about going to your wedding if they’ve been thinking about it for the months leading up to it.

Creating the Hashtag

The best way to create your wedding hashtag is to choose something that is simple yet unique to your wedding. It must be simple so that your friends and family can easily use and understand it, but it also must be unique so that only your wedding utilizes it.

Here are some examples:







Now you have the complete guide to creating your wedding hashtag. When you book your wedding, be sure to let your vendors know, they might want to use it too!

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