Winter Weddings - Colors & Decor Ideas

March 12th, 2024

by The Desenberg

Tag: Wedding

Congratulations! You’re now planning a wedding and feel that winter is the right time for you. A winter wedding can be absolutely stunning. With your white dress matching the snow, the festive feel in the air, and the warm cozy venue filled with friends and family. It’s a beautiful time to get married. 

When you think of winter and the colors associated with it, you typically think white, blues, maybe some darker colors too. Even possibly red or green like Christmas time. These can be some great places to start when planning your winter wedding. Pick a theme, create a mood board. Include colors you like, textures, styles, anything that will give the idea of what you are looking for in your wedding. So if you decide to have an event coordinator, or have someone assist you, they will better understand where you want this vision to go. Even if  you don’t want any help at all, it’s good to have all your ideas in one place. To be able to visualize it all in one spot. 

No wedding can go without at least some decor. Even a beautiful winter wedding. If you have a color palette picked out, stick with it and keep it in mind when figuring out decor. Typically, many winter weddings stick to the winter color tones that we looked at previously. Meaning decor can go a few different ways. But one popular decor item is of course candles. Use lots of candles to brighten the space. Especially if you are going for a darker color scheme. Maybe think of incorporating pinecones into the decor even. But even more so, consider adding pine tree branches into your greenery. It will certainly elevate that winter look!

Overall, winter weddings are absolutely stunning. Whether you plan to have a dark and moody feel, or a light white and blue snow type theme. Either way, consider the above ideas and see how you might be able to incorporate them into your wedding decor. Happy planning!

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